About Mannok

Mannok is one of the UK and Ireland’s most diverse and experienced manufacturers of construction products, producing a wide range of premium building materials including high-performance rigid insulation, aircrete thermal blocks, cement, rooftiles and precast concrete products.

With an almost fifty year heritage, the Mannok name was introduced in 2020 when the company rebranded from Quinn, reinforcing our commitment to our people, our communities and our customers.

Manufacturing and service excellence coupled with a passion for quality is at the core of our business and our aim is to provide an unrivalled technical support to architects, designers, engineers, contractors and building owners.

We are constantly evolving through technical innovation, and are now at the forefront of providing pioneering, cost-effective construction solutions designed to meet the needs of any construction project.

With a core philosophy of producing high quality products and offering first rate service at competitive prices, we are committed to our employees and our customers and we are proud to be showcasing best practice in manufacturing for the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and creating positive legacies in the local and wider communities in which we operate.


Upholding the principles of sustainability throughout every part of our business is a fundamental part of all we do. This core value coupled with our innovative spirit drives our relentless pursuit of environmental excellence.


  • Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer
For more information call: 08000 322 122 (UK&NI) 1800 322 122 (ROI)