Charlie Kane

Charlie specialises in building specifications, and deals with product specification and detailing queries on a daily basis. He is a qualified Building Services Engineer working towards chartership, and has worked in the construction industry for almost 10 years. In this time, Charlie has gained experience in a variety of fields, including consultancy and manufacturers firms. He has also gained valuable practical experience from time spent working as an M&E Coordinator for the main contractor on site, which enables him to look at jobs from different angles.

Charlie has a very keen interest in how buildings work with a focus on energy efficiency and low carbon construction. Having worked closely with heat pump design and installations he has a great understanding of the renewable sector and the importance of a properly designed building envelope to utilise these technologies.

With his experience of renewable technologies Charlie has added to this an understanding of thermal modelling and the importance of good detailing to control thermal bridging in buildings and has recently become an NSAI accredited Thermal Modeller and is listed on the NSAI Thermal Modellers Register. By using our products within the building envelope and at the correct junctions, Charlie can advise on affordable solutions that help the building perform at a high standard and save the end user money in the long term.