Why choose a concrete rooftile?

17th July 2017

In the latest of our ‘Your Questions Answered’ video series, Kevin Maguire from our Technical Team responds to the question, “Why choose a concrete rooftile, and specifically to us, why choose a Quinn concrete rooftile?”

Cost benefits of concrete rooftiles

One of the main reasons to choose a concrete rooftile is cost. There are massive savings to be made using a concrete roofing tile compared to some of the other roofing alternatives. For this example, we will look at a fibre cement slate and a natural slate. When we refer to the ‘cost’, what we are really looking at is the materials, which includes the cost of the roofing units themselves, plus the batons required to be used along with those units. Also, we’ll be looking at the cost of labour associated with fitting those tiles.

Figures will vary from region to region and also in different areas and also will vary from euro to sterling but the same trend will apply for both.  But to illustrate this, let’s look at one example from one region.


Price per m2 Concrete Rooftile Fibre Cement Slate Natural Slate
Materials £8 £15 £26
Labour £3 £4.50 £6
Total £11 £19.50 £32


So, the cost associated with materials i.e. batons and concrete roofing tiles, per square metre of roof for your concrete tile is approximately £8. For fibre cement slate we’re looking at about £15, and for natural slate we’re looking at about £26 per square metre.

For labour, the cost for fitting concrete tiles is around £3 per square metre. For fibre cement slate it’s £4.50, and for natural slate it’s £6.

So, for materials and labour combined, we get a total cost per square metre of £11 for concrete tiles, £19.50 for fibre cement slate, and £32 for natural slate.

Looking at those three figures, you can easily see that a fibre cement slate roof per square meter would cost you approximately twice that of concrete tiles, with natural slate roof costing almost three times that of concrete roofing tiles.

Ease of installation

Another advantage of using concrete roofing tiles is ease of installation. One of these advantages is coverage, and by coverage we mean the number of tiles it takes to cover one square metre.

So typically, at 100mm head-lap (which is common in the UK and Ireland), the concrete roof tile will require 10 units to cover one square metre, with fibre cement slate requiring 13-14 units per square metre, and natural slate requiring 19-20 units per square metre.

Another advantage is preformed features. In a concrete roof tile, there are predetermined nail holes, which means no requirement for drilling on site, which obviously reduces labour. And there is also the interlock features. Quinn concrete roofing tiles are interlocking roofing tiles, which ensures the correct positioning of the tile.

In addition to this, concrete rooftiles are more easily replaced if an individual tile gets damaged than these other alternatives.

Variety of styles and textures

Concrete roof tiles offer a wider variety of choice in comparison to other products. Quinn concrete roof tiles are available in 4 different profiles.

Our traditional profiles include the Western Slate, and the Locherne profile.

The Western Slate is a chunky type flat tile with a smooth finish.

The Locherne is a double pan tile which is a bold, rolling tile.

Our contemporary profiles include the Rathmore and Devenish profile. Both tiles have a modern, slate look, with a thin leading edge. The Rathmore tile has a smooth finish, whereas the Devenish has a textured finish.

All of our tiles are available in a suitable range of colours, including greys, reds, browns and black finishes.

Many local authorities have preferences to colours and styles in their areas, this range of style and colour caters for all of their needs.

Quinn Rooftiles range

Design flexibility

Concrete roof tiles also offer greater design flexibility than other products. For example, slate tiles are restricted to a minimum pitch at 25 degrees in certain exposure zones. Quinn concrete roof tiles can go down as far as 17.5 degrees.

Regarding aesthetics, we’re also aware that some people like to have a slate-like look on their roof. Quinn ‘Rathmore’ and ‘Devenish’ tiles offer that look at a fraction of the price.

Quinn concrete rooftiles

So, to summarise, why choose Quinn concrete roof tiles?

  • Cost: Quinn concrete rooftiles are a fraction of the price compared with alternatives.
  • Installation: better coverage and pre-formed features for ease of fitting.
  • Strength: a more robust product.
  • Versatility: offer a wide range of styles and colours and greater design flexibility.
  • Maintenance: all roofing products will weather over time, concrete roof tiles are more readily rejuvenated
  • Recyclable


If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the team on +44 28 67748866 or technical@quinn-buildingproducts.com.

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