Single Leaf Masonry – A Modern Method of Construction?

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Learn how single leaf construction can:

  • Fast track the construction process
  • Reduce construction costs
  • Improve thermal, structural and fire performance
  • Help move towards Passive House and nZEB standards.

CPD course content:

  • History of single leaf masonry in Ireland
  • The importance of effective insulation
  • Historical problems with single leaf masonry
  • Single leaf versus cavity wall construction
  • Advancements in single leaf masonry – ETICS
  • Aircrete and Solid Masonry Construction
  • Thin joint technology
  • Part A Compliance?

Rapid build housing with single leaf masonry construction

This free seminar will demonstrate how single leaf masonry can be used as a modern method of construction for rapid build housing whilst reducing costs compared with other rapid build systems.

Combining the benefits of Aircrete thermal blocks with thin-joint technology and a certified external insulation system, this unique method of construction utilises the simplicity of single leaf construction, whilst enhancing the thermal performance of the build by virtually eliminating thermal bridging, in addition to achieving excellent U-values and airtightness.

With the current demand for cost effective rapid build housing in Ireland, coupled with the new nZEB (near zero energy building) standard which is just around the corner, this modern method of construction might just be the perfect fit for you and your clients.

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