Discover the benefits of Aircrete Cavity Walls for Self-builders at the New SelfBuild Virtual Seminar

27th January 2021

The latest Self Build Virtual event will take place this weekend 30th & 31st January and among the speakers is Mannok’s Technical Manager, Jason Martin, who will deliver a seminar highlighting the benefits of Aircrete cavity walls for self-builders.

The choice of wall construction is an important decision for self-builders, with up to 35% of a building’s heat loss occurring through the walls, and a further 35% potentially lost through thermal bridging. For self-builders, Aircrete cavity walls provides a simple, cost effective solution to tackling these two major sources of heat loss, resulting in a more energy efficient and comfortable home.

Jason’s seminar, entitled “Aircrete: Giving Cavity Walls a New Lease of Life”, will demonstrate to self-builders how Aircrete cavity walls:

  • Reduce heat loss through thermal bridging by up to 80%
  • Improve the overall thermal performance of the walls, resulting in a better insulated home with reduced energy bills
  • Eliminate the risk of unsightly and unhealthy mould growth
  • Help your home to heat up much quicker with a faster heating response time
  • Are a more sustainable choice of construction for self-builders
  • Are a simple solution to the two biggest sources of heat loss, easier for the builder and value for money for the self-builder

The seminar will also highlight some of the benefits of a Self Build with Mannok package, which has been designed to help self-builders in Ireland achieve a better performance home using Mannok’s suite of premium construction products, with the expert support of the Mannok team.

Jason Martin heads up the Technical by Mannok team and has extensive experience in using smart product specification to improve the performance of the building. Jason is an advocate of a fabric first approach to achieve superior energy efficiency and more sustainable homes. He has led the development of industry leading thermal bridging and wall construction solutions using Mannok’s Aircrete Blocks.

The Self Build Virtual event will include a total of over 20 seminars across three theatres, covering a range of key considerations for self-builders.

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