Mannok continue Fleet and Mobile Plant Replenishment Programme with the arrival of 15 new SDC Curtainsiders, 12 new Tractor Units and 5 rigid trucks.

27th May 2021

Mannok’s Fleet Replenishment Programme reached another milestone in April with the delivery of 15 new SDC curtainsider trailers. This is the latest phase of the Programme to replace all older vehicles and plant with upgraded new vehicles, therefore reducing environmental impact, providing greater efficiencies and ensuring increasing demands are met. Since the multi-million-pound Programme of investment began in 2015, the company has purchased a total of 126 new vehicles for the road going fleet and off-road mountain fleet.

The new trailers will go into operation with Mannok’s PIR & EPS Insulation and Packaging divisions over the coming weeks to replace older trailers within the fleet and will be in keeping with the fresh new image of the Mannok brand.

In addition to the new curtainsiders, Mannok are adding a total of 18 new tractor units to their fleet, with six already in operation and a further six to be received this month. Each of the new MAN TGX26.470 tractor units meet Euro 6 standards for emissions, which help to fulfil Mannok’s wider sustainability goals. This month’s delivery of six units will service the company’s Bulk Cement and PIR Insulation operations. The third batch of six tractor units have been commissioned for delivery by the end of 2021.

Mannok’s Transport Manager, Brian McManus, said of the investment in the new fleet,

“We’re reaching a significant milestone as we’re now starting to replace the vehicles that were purchased in 2015 when the Fleet Replenishment Programme began, which is thanks to the hard work of all involved. As part of the continuous Programme, the older vehicles and plant machinery are replaced with newer, more fuel-efficient models, which is an important part of ensuring the highest standards of fleet safety and efficiency, whilst at the same time reducing the overall environmental impact.

The fleet is used to haul everything we manufacture from packaging to cement, insulation, roof tiles, tarmac, precast concrete, blocks and a range of quarry aggregates, as well as the haulage of raw materials to each manufacturing facility. The reliance on our substantial fleet means maintaining the premium condition of all units is essential and the ongoing investment in the form of our Fleet Replenishment Programme ensures we can achieve this.”