Mannok Product Names – A Customer Guide

18th November 2020

With the name change from Quinn to Mannok completed on 16th November, customers can expect to see sweeping visual changes to all Quinn branded materials in the coming weeks and months. The full rebrand is expected to take up to 12 months to complete, but many changes will happen sooner.

What’s changed already?

As well as the brand name and logo changing from Quinn Building Products to Mannok, a number of changes have already happened, including website addresses and emails: is now and the corresponding email addresses have changed in the same way, e.g. has changed to

Importantly for customers and specifiers, there have been some changes to individual product names in our PIR and EPS insulation and aircrete blocks ranges, so we’ve put together a full list of product name changes for ease of reference.

Individual product names and ranges will remain unchanged for cement, precast, roof tiles and quarry products.

Going forward, all of our building products will now be sold under one single brand name, Mannok. So sub-brands, such as Quinn Cement, Quinn Lite, Quinn Precast, Quinn Rooftiles and Quinn Lite Pac, will no longer have separate brand names or logos.