Mannok Welcomes Vintage Commercial Vehicle Club and Matches Charitable Donation

27th May 2022

Mannok welcomed the Ulster Vintage Commercial Vehicle Club, a club bringing together everyone in Ulster and beyond with an interest in vintage commercial vehicles, to the company’s headquarters on the Fermanagh Cavan border during the club’s Annual Two-Day Run event. Mannok provided refreshments and a presentation to all the club members and matched the club’s £500 donation to its charity partner, AWARE.

Around 40 vintage commercial vehicles arrived on Saturday 14th May and parked at the Mannok Innovation Academy, providing a colourful display of old, modern and classic vehicles with some dating back as far as 70 years and one having a converted camper van in its trailer.

After admiring the immaculate commercial vehicles, the club members entered the Mannok Innovation Academy to enjoy a spread of refreshments and a presentation from the company’s Operations Director, Kevin Lunney.

Before providing an update on the company’s current position and vision, Kevin said,

“It’s a pleasure to welcome you all here today. Community means a lot for us here at Mannok and it’s important for us to support organisations like yours. It’s also fantastic to have you back, as I think it’s about 20 years since you visited us, and I hope you enjoy your time here in Derrylin and the scenic drive over our internal haul road.”

Kevin finished his presentation by highlighting the recently launched Mannok 2030 Vision, the company’s sustainability strategy, which will escalate its sustainability drive to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade and position it to achieve net zero by 2050.

Congratulating the company on its ambitious sustainability plans and thanking Mannok for its hospitality, the Ulster Vintage Commercial Vehicle Club Chairman, Adrian Currie stood up and said,

“Thank you, Kevin for the insight into Mannok. All the initiatives and forward thinking is really impressive and best wishes with all your ambitious sustainability plans.

On behalf of the club, I would like to thank Kevin, Paula and everyone at Mannok for having us here today. We are very grateful for your hospitality and to show our appreciation, we would like to make a donation to a charity of your choice.”

The Ulster Vintage Commercial Vehicle Club donated £500 to Mannok’s charity partner, AWARE which Mannok matched and cheques totalling to £1,000 were given to AWARE representative, Sarah McGurn during the event, who said,

“Thank you so much to all of you here today for your donations. We really appreciate local and corporate organisations donating to AWARE. Without everyone’s fundraising and donations, we wouldn’t be able to provide support services and educational training to help people with depression and bipolar disorder throughout Northern Ireland.”

More information on AWARE: