Quinn Hollowcore Flooring

Precast Hollowcore Flooring

Mannok Hollowcore Flooring units are machine cast concrete slabs, with tubular voids extending the full length of each slab, creating a light weight building unit, saving money on materials and transport costs.

All Mannok Hollowcore Flooring products are produced to the highest quality standards and conform to current European, British and Irish standards. The design of the units is in accordance with EN 1168 and the characteristic strength at 28 day test is 50 N/mm2.

The precast hollowcore flooring system eliminates costly excavation, provision and compaction of infill and provides an immediate dry working platform.

Large open spaces can be created with minimum use of internal support and, with the excellent span/depth ratio, overall construction height can be minimised.

This flooring is suitable for both domestic and commercial buildings and is supplied is supplied in lengths to site requirements ranging in depths from 150mm to 400mm.

Alternative shapes and widths are available to order and the Technical by Mannok Team provides advice and guidance on floor plans for layouts, spans and loadings.

The Technical by Mannok Team can also prepare layout drawings with design details and support calculations to assist you with your construction project when selecting your precast products.

Safe Imposed Load v Clear Span Data for Prestressed Solid and Hollow Core Slabs

Depth of precast unit (mm) Type Density (kN/m2) Allowable clear span (m) for imposed live load (kN/m2)
1.0 2.0 5.0 10.0
150 Hollow core 2.38 7.30 7.30 6.97 5.52
150HD Hollow core high density 3.00 7.30 7.30 6.72 5.39
200 Hollow core 2.89 9.80 9.80 8.84 7.06
250 Hollow core 3.43 12.30 12.30 10.65 8.59
300 Hollow core 3.95 14.80 14.47 12.66 10.30
320 Hollow core 4.42 14.80 14.80 13.67 11.19
400 Hollow core 5.02 17.30 17.30 16.26 13.35
Load bearing elements can be placed directly onto the hollowcore flooring units, eliminating the need for additional support and providing greater design flexibility
The hollowcore flooring units are cast on steel moulds, type “A” soffit finish as defined in BS 8110 Part 1 Clause
The top of hollowcore flooring units can be roughened during manufacture to ensure an adequate bond is achieved when a structural screed is required
Upward camber at erection will range between 2 and 4mm per metre length of span and the actual amount will be relative to the prestress in the unit
Deflection from the various applications of load, i.e. self-weight, partitions, screeds, finishes and live load, as well as the effects of temperature and creep, will rarely eliminate all of the initial upward camber
The hollowcore flooring units have a minimum fire resistance rating of 1 hour. Higher ratings can be achieved by using various ceiling finishes, additional cover to reinforcement, etc.
The hollowcore flooring units have a high resistance to the transmission of airborne sound and impact sound and can be adapted to suit almost any requirement – the 150mm dense slab meets the requirement of document E for sound
Performance & Properties
Depth Weight Density
150mm Dense Slab 296 kg/m2 3.00 kN/m
150mm Hollowcore 237 kg/m2 2.38 kN/m
200mm Hollowcore 276 kg/m2 2.89 kN/m
250mm Hollowcore 329 kg/m2 3.43 kN/m
300mm Hollowcore 380 kg/m2 3.95 kN/m
320mm Hollowcore 426 kg/m2 4.42kN/m
400mm Hollowcore 482 kg/m2 5.02kN/m
Steel and concrete framed structures
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