Quinn Quarries: Concrete Blocks

Paint Grade Fair Face Blocks

Mannok Paint Grade blocks from our own quarries are suitable for all types of wall construction, including internal and external cavity leaves and partition walls and are commonly used in commercial buildings such as factory units, shops and offices. They offer a smoother finish to the wall which is ready for paint application. The close textured finish of Mannok fair face blocks means they can receive direct decoration.

These high quality blocks have a fair faced finish, which gives a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance. All Mannok blocks are robust and durable with excellent load bearing and fire and noise resistance.

All Mannok Paint Grade blocks are manufactured using a carefully controlled blend of locally sourced aggregates and Mannok cement in a fully automated block plant within the quarries.

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All blocks are manufactured to the EC Certificate of Factory Production Control for aggregate concrete masonry units, Category 1.
Performance & Properties
Size Weight
440 x 100 x 215mm (Solid) 7.5N
440 x 140 x 215 (Solid) 7.5N
  • While every effort is made to ensure consistency, slight variations in colour and finish can occur from time to time. It is recommended to avoid banding of colour or finish, blocks are selected from randomly throughout the delivery.
  • Before any paint finish is applied make sure that the blocks are dry and free from dust and debris.
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