Quinn Building Products Unveils its BIM Object ‘System’ Range at Ecobuild 2016

Quinn Building Products’ Raymond O’Reilly & Mark Clarkson were invited to present on the Ecobuild 2016 Specifier Live stage. Their presentation entitled “BIM – Design by data?” outlined how Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its implementation throughout Quinn Building Products will benefit the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) sector as it transitions into digitisation. Digital information and communication technologies (ICT) are changing how we communicate, plan, work and socialise, with BIM heralded as the digital enabler for the AEC sector.

Through the April 04th BIM Level 2 mandate, the UK Government aims to achieve: a 15-20% reduction in capital expenditure (CAPEX); a 20% reduction in carbon emissions in the construction process; and align design and construction with operation and asset management. The April 04th BIM Level 2 mandate has formally enlisted the UK AEC sector in the digital revolution currently enveloping all industries combining it with the Internet of Things (IOT), advanced data analytics and the digital economy enabling the planning of a new and more effective built environment. According to the BIM Task Group chairman Mark Bew MBE “From a standing start, the UK is now leading the global race towards digitalisation of the construction industry….BIM is now very much business as usual. Our Level 2 programme is driving efficiency and creating a competitive supply sector with our businesses in demand internationally”.

We at Quinn Building Products, recognise the importance of underpinning this technological and digital transition through the provision of our vast range of high performance building products as BIM Objects, in digital format to facilitate early adopters maximise the full potential of BIM. BIM objects are the digital building blocks at the heart of a digital model and can take the form of ‘out of the box generic objects’ with low level of detail, which are developed through the design process, to construction, handover, and operational stages.

Quinn Building Products’ unique BIM Object ‘Assembly’ and ‘System’ ranges are digital representations of our Quinn product range that contain both graphical and non-graphical information in a structured format native to the BIM authoring software. Our BIM Objects contain the necessary functional and performance product data to facilitate the architect interrogate and analyse their design to achieve optimal results. Just as our building products are available in a wide range of configurations, so too are our BIM Object ranges thereby simplifying the product selection process. Quinn Building Products BIM Object ‘Assembly’ and ‘System’ ranges comprise our products in various construction build-ups based on U-value calculations, Y-value calculations or bespoke customer construction.

Quinn Building Products’ unique BIM Object ‘Assembly’ and ‘System’ ranges provides Architects and Specifiers with new validated performance design opportunities in BIM, saving them valuable time over the traditional tedious process of individual BIM Object downloads. We ensure that the product data contained within Quinn BIM Objects is accurate and validated so that they can be utilised for a range of tasks from cost estimating to rapid digital analysis. Our BIM Objects are also COBie compliant, an essential requirement for contractor’s as-built data at handover stage.

Further information

View Raymond O’Reilly & Mark Clarkson’s presentation “BIM – Design by data?” from the Specifier Live at Ecobuild 2016 on Slideshare or watch the video of the presentation:

For further information about Quinn Building Products’ BIM Object ‘Assembly’ and ‘System’ ranges please visit our website at //www.quinn-buildingproducts.com/resources/bim/ or call our highly experienced Technical Team at 028 6774 8866.